Friday, July 2, 2010

But I Would Run 100 Miles

(Anyone else remember that horrible song? I hope it's stuck in your head now, too...)

I am totally remiss for not having posted a report from the FORCE conference (at which, yes, I stood around half-naked and allowed women to ogle and prod the new rack). But this week has been beyond busy, and we leave tomorrow morning for a few days in Cape Cod (Happy Birthday America! Let's go sailing!), so I wanted to post this quick update. Last month, I announced an ambitious fitness goal (in part inspired by my new relationship to the capacity of my body) and challenged myself to run 100 miles during the month of June. Well readers, I know you've been biting your cuticles with anticipation, but here are the results. Drum roll please.... I did it! In fact, I kicked that goal's ass. My final total: 123.26 miles. Go me.

And speaking of running, at the FORCE conference I met the lovely Liza (and her very talented sister Grace) who's been blogging about running a half marathon before her mastectomy this fall. She's now training for a 10K, and at some point this summer, I'm going to run a race with my husband in solidarity with Liza. Health, fitness, and empowerment are so important to women in our situations, and I'm proof you can have an active lifestyle after surgery. (And Liza's proof you can have one before, too!)

So, in short: set goals, achieve them, and then go back out and run some more. It's what all the cool girls are doing these days.


  1. Yay, congratulations! Good luck on your continued training.

  2. Way to go!!!! Good luck with the next run!! :)

  3. One hundred twenty-three point two six miles?? WOW!! That's amazing! Even with a 1/2 marathon added in I never got to that kind of mileage! You're awesome! Keep up the great work, Steph. It was such a privilege and pleasure to meet you at FORCE, and thanks for initiating me into the Show and Tell -- I needed that support! :)

  4. wow impressive Steph...I'm running a half marathon in October one month before my surgery to have my ovaries out. I'm glad to hear that it won't take me long to start running again after my PBM...which I still need to plan. Lena

  5. That's awesome! Way to go, Steph. I have a friend who is a breast cancer survivor and fitness guru who ran 100 km in one day to raise money for breast cancer research. Check it out:

    It's amazing what women can accomplish when they set their minds to it.

    Keep up the great work,

  6. Hi Steph! Amazing mileage in June--congrats!